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NavidBrothers Computer Repair



Our best policy is that if there is another company that has a lower price than us, we can match or even lower the price by 20%..

We offer onsite service all around the San Fernando Valley. We are the fastest and the biggest onsite service in San Fernando Valley.

We have technicians on the road across the San Fernando Valley..

Computer_repair TarzanaOur 100% satisfaction guarantees that if you are not happy with the service that was done for you bring it back and we will make sure to satisfy you in any way we can. We have always believed that providing customers with superior service is the key to building loyal relationships.

PC Repair

Safe Computer Repair
Safe Computer Repair
We run our business green and safe for the environment

Please Don't Throw Your Old Desktop ,PC'S , Laptop ,And Computer Parts Away Bring It To Us And Will Recycle It For You.


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